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Hello Everyone!
I will be going through my Files. I have lists for every single Radio Station,TV Station, and Newspaper in the entire United States. I will put links here. I believe they list state by state and then you can go from there. Please fill free to add your links here and we will start a file in word and cut and paste the links and get a master copy to email out to everybody and to other sites and go go go fair tax. Paul, A Fellow Patriot

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Thanx, Paul!
3,300 Newspapers listed in the United States: http://www.50states.com/news/

United States Radio Stations: http://www.radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/page?page=states

Television Stations listed by State: http://www.mondotimes.com/world/usa/tv.html

Television Stations listed by City: http://www.high-techproductions.com/usTVstations.htm

Television stations by State, an easy to use site: http://www.globalcomputing.com/TVContent.htm

You'll need to navigate around some but you can find their web home pages and contact newsrooms, letters to the editor, press releases, place a news story about a tea party, email the reporters..this works well to announce your cause,
email talk radio shows and get on about fair tax. You got the idea already anyway. As we get more time, we can all start to list links to each station, newspaper etc. individually if need be to make a list which is more user friendly for us. Let me know what you'd like me to do. To list every papers reports email address of course could take years. Thanks for your imput and I hope we can use this and update it for months to come. Paul, A Fellow Patriot
Wooo hooo, looking forward to starting to access this! Thanks soooo much, I hope we all take advantage of this information!
Hi Everybody,
Let's copy and send this out to other like minded sites and people we know, maybe it will get spread around and forwarded and then more people will begin to get more pro active. Let's see how easy we can make it for EVERYBODY to use. Thanks and Go Fairtax! Paul, A Fellow Patriot


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