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Attacks on FairTax week of October 9 - 14 & a good news story too

Tales From New Hampshire -- USA Today


As to long-term fairness, Cain's website describes the plan as "Phase 1" in
a progression to adopting the FairTax proposal, which a bipartisan presidential advisory
rejected in 2005. The panel found such a national sales tax
would have to be set at 34 percent to produce the same income as the current
system, and would increase the tax burden on middle-income taxpayers while
reducing it sharply on those making over $200,000 a year.

Flat Tax Vs. Fair Tax Vs. Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan --


Now we come to the “Fair Tax,” a rather horrible name for a system which
aims to generate all revenue from a single national VAT or sales tax. This would
be equivalent to a 30% sales tax rate, as normally calculated (exclusive

Don’t Laugh at the Best Part of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9

And I think, too, of Mike Huckabee's national
sales tax plan
(dubbed the "Fair Tax")—and how it never gained much



With the rhetoric for next year's
presidential election heating up, we continue to hear more about Herman Cain's
"9-9-9" tax plan and other ideas centered on the Fair Tax mantra. Well, I'm here
to tell you that Houstonians are already living the Fair Tax


9-9-9 and the 99



The second phase of Cain's plan is
the implementation of a fair tax to replace the 9-9-9 transition. This would
force the parasites of society to contribute to the host body.


Herman Cain, The Unusual



The first objection is that the
left will simply run ads that the middle class will pay a sales tax on top of
their income tax. This is a tactic that the left and Democrats have used against
Fair Tax proponents. In the 2004 South Carolina election, Jim DeMint was
attacked for proposing a sales tax on top of an income tax (something that is
not true since DeMint's plan, like Cain's support for the Fair Tax, replaces the
income tax with a sales tax, but that didn't stop the Democrats from running the


Gary Johnson: A GOP
Candidate Out but Not Down



Tweeting during the debate last
night, Johnson pushed the fair tax, something he’s long advocated. “Cain’s 9-9-9
plan basically phases in the fair tax,” he wrote, in response to the debate
discussion about Herman Cain’s tax plan. “Just implement [that].” Johnson also
tweeted, “I promise to advocate throwing out the entire federal tax system and replace it with the fair tax.”


Herman Cain for Senate? The
Inside Story of His First Insurgent Campaign 
Oct 14, 2011



As he does now, he trumpeted a
bold, regressive and probably unfeasible tax plan -- back then, it was the "fair
tax" national sales-tax proposal.

Discussion Forum

Constitution Party of WA opposes FairTax citing no constitutional authority

Started by Jamie Wheeler WA. Last reply by Jamie Wheeler WA Feb 11, 2012. 4 Replies

CONSTITUTION PARTY OF WASHINGTON OPPOSES THE FAIR TAX, CITING NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITYFor Immediate Release:  20 April 2011Spokane,. Washington…Robert W. Peck, Chairman of the Constitution Party…Continue

FairTax and NEW Home Construction

Started by Jamie Wheeler WA. Last reply by William Payne Oct 13, 2011. 1 Reply

I watched the Ways and Means Committee meeting (back when it happened) concerning the Fair Tax and flat tax proposals. I was disappointed in the juvenile format of the discussion. One particular…Continue

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Comment by William Payne on October 13, 2011 at 6:21pm

I believe the essay by Dr. Uhl (the first part of which I got in an e-mail) is an issue that the legal minds at AFFT should address, as well as candidates opposing Mr. Burns in PA in their advertising. Mr. Burns needs to be educated and/or rebutted. Here is the first part of Dr. Uhl's essay, which is still incomplete as yet:

"A message from Dr. Stephen Uhl to all members of Defending the FairTax on FairTax

I am a new member; I hope you can use some of the "stuff" that has accumulated to
counter the lies and demagoguery that come so easily to opponents of FT


DCCC, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Becomes Deceitful Committee Confusing the Credulous

Here is a truly despicable example of lying by both omission and commission from the
2010 House elections campaign. DCCC published the following ad attempting to destroy
a challenger by grossly misrepresenting FairTax:

“Republican Tim Burns (PA-12) is once again going out of his way to prove that he is
grossly out of touch with Western Pennsylvania. The latest example is particularly
telling; despite the fact that middle class families are already struggling, Burns
has endorsed a risky and radical plan deceivingly called the “Fair Tax” that would
enact a 23 percent national sales tax on all goods and services including food and
clothing. The plan would dramatically increase the tax burden for middle class
families while only benefiting the wealthiest Americans like Tim Burns. In
Pennsylvania, middle income Pennsylvanians would see their taxes increase by $3,818
per year while the top one percent of earners would see their taxes cut by $187,080
a year.”

There is no hint as to where those mythical figures came from! Such demagoguery is
despicable and totally inexcusable, since DCCC certainly knew that they were
misrepresenting FairTax by omitting any reference to the FairTax prebate which
untaxes the poor altogether and makes FairTax more progressive than the present
I.R.S. income tax system. In fact, FairTax TOTALLY REPLACES all the federal income
tax expenses; this lets workers take home their larger paychecks with NO federal
withholding to reduce those checks.

The lying ad strongly implies that FairTax would add 23% to current costs, raising
taxes by thousands of dollars for everyone but the wealthy. The ad makes no mention
of the drastically reduced ....."
Comment by Jamie Wheeler WA on October 13, 2011 at 4:56pm

This is great and WELCOME everyone!  With the 2012 primaries possibly starting in Dec NOW is the time to make sure everyone has a place to go to help defend the excpetional piece of legislation that will be the FIRST step in revolutionary restoration of our republic.  GOOOO FairTax!

DON'T be shy to comment on the attacks posted in the Discussion forum.

Comment by Dr. Stephen Uhl on October 13, 2011 at 10:15am
I tried to post a lengthy essay on lies and demagoguery a few minutes ago, but it appears to have been too long; so here is the second page of that "masterpiece":------------------------------------------------- 

FairTax Summary from 2010 Election


House Candidates backing FairTax did very well in 2010 races across U.S.


Of the 435 races for the U.S. House, 114 of them involved candidates expressing some support for FairTax.


FairTax was a significant issue in 30 of the races; 1 FairTax candidate was an Incumbent, and 29 FairTax candidates were Challengers. The FairTax Incumbent won his race for 100% success rate.


In the 29 Challenger races, 17 were won by the FairTax candidate for a 58.6% success rate overall.


Of the 29 races, there were 13 where the FairTax was defended either by the Grassroots or the Challenger. Of that 13, 11 were won, for an 84.6% success rate.


Overall, Republican Challengers won 25.8% of their races in this election cycle, but where the Challengers were identified as supporters of the FairTax they won 58.6% of the races.


In cases where the FairTax candidate and/or the grassroots responded aggressively to the FairTax challenge, the success rate for Republican FairTax candidates jumped to an astonishing 84.6% success rate. This demonstrates that candidates that support the FairTax, and aggressively promote it, receive nearly a 50% advantage over passively favoring the FairTax.


Compared to Republicans who were not identified as supporters of the FairTax, those aggressively promoting and defending it enjoyed a 58.8% advantage.


The conclusion is clear: The more that the public hears about the FairTax the more they like it and will support advocates of the proposal. FairTax candidates are much more likely to be elected, and candidates that adopt the FairTax as a key plank in their political platform and aggressively promote it are FAR MORE LIKELY to win than those who are less enthusiastic in their support of the FairTax.


FairTax is easy to demagogue; the DCCC has demonstrated this. And manipulative politicians readily listen to special interests lobbyists who fight hard against FairTax which brings power back to the people and leaves those lobbyists without a job. But FairTax is too great and too important at this challenging time in our national history to let demagoguery prevent its being adopted. Let us ALL work together honestly to let FairTax become a non-partisan issue; if Independents and thoughtful voters of both parties cooperate to get FairTax enacted, companies will again prefer America as their base, employment will pick up quickly as MADE IN AMERICA becomes popular again. Understand it; demand it! www.fairtax.org

Comment by Robert Williams on October 13, 2011 at 7:00am
I agree 100% Jamie. Thank you for creating this group. We definitely need a central Headquarters for something of this magnitude.
Comment by Jamie Wheeler WA on October 13, 2011 at 6:53am
Thanks Robert...but one can't have the defense of the FairTax too many places.  The one thing nice about here on FTN is that I am here chatting, checking my email and zipping off a Tweet on my Twitter account.
Comment by Robert Williams on October 13, 2011 at 6:33am
Just a note, "Defending the FairTax" is what the FairTaxer Blog is all about. In addition to on-site rebuttals, you will find a plethora of great defenses for the FairTax. Please visit and subscribe to http://fairtaxer.wordpress.com/

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