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Spreading the word about the FairTax

One way is to contact everyone in your e-mail address book asking them to check out your facebook page after you have posted the FairTax video "Let's Fire up Our Economic Engine" on there: http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer

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FairTax-the Movie


Yeah, I sent an e-mail recently to the address on Michael Moore's web site asking if he would be willing to make such a movie. Haven't received any kind of reply yet. But he has made several documentaries in the past as you may know and if he could be convinced to do the same for the FairTax movement, I think it would be a great "shot in the arm" for it. It's sort of like when Henry Ford began to market automobiles. He knew that the best way to make a fortune at it was to… Continue

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FairTax movie

Greetings all FairTaxers:

What if someone could make a movie about the Fair Tax? A documentary or something like that? Maybe we could get somebody like Michael Moore to get in on it. He has made some great documentaries, like "Fahrenheit 911", etc. A movie would certainly publicize it like nothing else could. People love movies and will pay to see one. Imagine the headline in the movie section of newspapers saying something like: "See the latest movie about the greatest thing to ever… Continue

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