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Yeah, I sent an e-mail recently to the address on Michael Moore's web site asking if he would be willing to make such a movie. Haven't received any kind of reply yet. But he has made several documentaries in the past as you may know and if he could be convinced to do the same for the FairTax movement, I think it would be a great "shot in the arm" for it. It's sort of like when Henry Ford began to market automobiles. He knew that the best way to make a fortune at it was to market it to the masses and he kept the prices low. And sure enough the masses have bought it ever since.

Well, I know, making a movie isn't cheap. So maybe in the meantime, there might be some way we could introduce the trailer to movie theaters around the country so they could play it just before they show a movie. Like they show the newsreels before the movies. Well,for this trailer it would have to be done pretty quickly if the movie will be released on April 15, 2010. But it's something that could be done afterward too, with just some editing.

Heck I would even be willing to do a voice-over message on the trailer if that would be helpful. And for free.


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Comment by Bill Matthews on December 5, 2009 at 9:12pm
Yeah, if everyone who is on this e-mail list or at least everyone who has access to this blog will go to www.michaelmoore.com and then scroll down to the very bottom of the home page, on the left is a "contact" link and anyone can send a message to Michael ( I guess it probably goes to someone else who prescreens it or something) to ask him if he would be interested in making a movie to promote the FairTax or at least to expose the current faulty tax system. Moore is quite a controversial person, but that's alright, I think. Because this is a revolution we are in. An I think we need to do whatever it takes to get the FairTax established--once and for all!
Comment by R. George Dunn on December 5, 2009 at 8:37pm
Maybe we should all send Moore a plead to do it. In doing it, he will hav ehis eyes opened to the truth. We need to get those lost in the swim of the left's media to join FairTax for fobs and right now jobs are the number one issue for everyone, nearly.

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