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Greetings all FairTaxers:

What if someone could make a movie about the Fair Tax? A documentary or something like that? Maybe we could get somebody like Michael Moore to get in on it. He has made some great documentaries, like "Fahrenheit 911", etc. A movie would certainly publicize it like nothing else could. People love movies and will pay to see one. Imagine the headline in the movie section of newspapers saying something like: "See the latest movie about the greatest thing to ever happen to this country, the movie called 'Abolish the IRS' or 'Keep all of your paycheck', (or whatever name we could give it) starring 'so and so' and coming to a theater near you soon".

It could be a low-budget film and that's something the producers could work out. But we could do it. I think.

Let's do whatever it takes to abolish the IRS and establish the FairTax. We're doing it for ourselves, our country and our children and grandchildren and on and on.

Any comments are welcome.

Carry on the fight!

Bill Matthews

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Comment by Bill Matthews on December 4, 2009 at 9:21pm
I would like to see a movie made that could be shown at theaters around the country, like at Cinemax and/or multiplex theaters. That would really get peoples' attention! Oh I'm sure the viral movie will get viewed by a lot of people but not as many as would see it at a real movie house, I'll bet. Maybe I'm asking for too much, but this issue is extremely important to the future of the nation and I think we should go to whatever lengths it takes to publicize it to the masses.


Comment by Bill Matthews on December 4, 2009 at 6:48pm

I saw the trailer. Where is the Movie going to be shown at? And is it only 15-20 minutes long?


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