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Americans For FairTax National Campaign Heats Up!!

When you sign up on FairTax.org you should begin receiving weekly updates. In case you are not signed up or have not received the updates here is what Americans for FairTax (fairtax.org) is doing as a National Campaign thus far. Be sure to talk about the FairTax with everyone that you come in contact with. Hand out pocket cards or flyers you have made yourself using info directly from the FairTax site. The time is now and you are needed!!!

February 5, 2010
Your FairTax Investment at Work—Building a Powerful National Campaign
Question of the Week
My income tax season has begun. Fair Tax hearing needed!!

Your FairTax Investment at Work—Building a Powerful National Campaign

Almost every FairTaxer understands that in addition to valuable volunteer efforts at the local level, a national marketing campaign is needed to bring our movement into the homes of millions of Americans. FairTax advocates have welcomed the hard-driving push to raise funds to build recruitment and advocacy, and many of you have generously invested in the FairTax National Victory Campaign for the good of the nation. Thank you.

Here is your progress report on how your funds are being carefully used to grow the FairTax campaign and move us closer to enactment of HR25. In the past several months the FairTax campaign has:

Recruited President Ronald Reagan’s eldest son to lead the Reagan FairTax Victory Team.
Sent 3.5 million e-mails to recruit new FairTax supporters.
Launched telephone recruitment to 12 million American homes.
Began filming a 30-minute FairTax television show which will be shown throughout the United States to educate the American people to the benefits of the FairTax and to recruit new supporters.
Added thousands of new supporters and FairTax cause investors.
Mailed and e-mailed hundreds of thousands of e-mails in support of the FairTax Petition to the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee

With your help, we started this drive by raising the necessary capital necessary to fund the communication and education program itself. FairTax supporters have generously invested in this critical threshold work.

We then defined the messages that resonated best (while staying entirely true to the heart of the cause). Extensive testing and discussion has been devoted to this task. You’ve helped the campaign with this as well by participating in the “Question of the Week” in every FairTax Friday. We have also engaged with supporters, economists, and other experts to zero in on the best parts of the FairTax to introduce first to the general public.

Thirdly, we’ve researched and found the lists of individuals who will be most receptive, and obtained their names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for the least possible cost. This process began with initial testing in order to check assumptions and rates of return. You should take comfort in knowing that your investment in the campaign have been treated with great care. We understand very well that in times like these, every contribution is precious.

Fourth, we have employed the most cost-effective means of transmitting those messages to those audiences, including an innovative use of phone calls to determine interest before more expensive methods of communication are employed. Also subject to extensive testing and analysis, each list has been carefully studied before FairTax messages have been mailed, telephoned or e-mailed. No list is used wholesale but in sequential steps that allow analysis to ensure that the right message and the right audiences have been matched together. The percentage return very clearly shows us immediately whether our message is resonating with the public.

Over the past several months, the FairTax Victory Campaign has begun sending 2,000,000 Reagan FairTax Victory Team e-messages to various groups and has placed tens of thousands of automated survey calls by Honorary Chairman Mike Reagan to build FairTax support. The results are thrilling, having already produced a rapidly expanding supporter base. Our efforts are translating into citizen strength and the means to carry our campaign to the doors of Congress.

Your FairTax campaign has also been featured on more than 700 radio talks shows, has placed scores of guest editorials, and has participated in many news interviews in addition to collecting tens of thousands of petition signatures which will soon be delivered to the House Ways and Means Committee. We are helping local groups establish websites and are planning April 15th events now with FairTax grassroots leaders.

In short, the FairTax campaign is on the move--thanks to you. In coming months look for radio and television campaigns and on-line videos, as well as more and more Congressional co-sponsors. You have made a difference and our momentum is growing.

Here is a quick look at other groups (and their numbers) that will be receiving FairTax communications in the coming weeks:

GOPUSA: 1.2 million
PatriotUpdate: 200,000
VisionToAmerica: 150,000
Conservative News (Grasstops): 100,000
Human Events: 750,000
NewsMax: 200,000

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