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Ken Hawkins explains how GOOOH.com will help us enact the FairTax

By Ken Hawkins

Revolution is on the horizon, predicts Tim Cox the founder and organizer of the GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) political movement. Indeed no less than Thomas Jefferson advised the American people that a “Revolution” about every twenty (20) years was necessary to preserve our freedoms. The brazen audacity of the Obama Administration to replace our Capitalist economic system with a socialist system where the government takes most of the wealth of the productive segment of our society and gives it to the unproductive welfare class, proves that a “Revolution” is long overdue. While the Democrats are the historic champions of the welfare class starting with Lyndon Johnson in 1964, the Republicans have proved their ineptness time and time again in protecting our freedoms and the American Free Enterprise system. The US Constitution reserves to the House of Representatives the power to propose and approve the federal budget. Indeed ALL spending measures must originate in the House. Newt Gingrich proposed his “Contract with America” and indeed it promised governmental accountability. Many idealistic outstanding young men and women were elected to Congress by the American voters because they promised limited government and preservation of the American Free Enterprise system. Once in office these young “turks” ran headlong into party (both Democrat and Republican) party politics which stalled and made a mockery of this “Contract with America”. Most of these idealistic young Congressmen soon discovered that Republican rhetoric was just that and once in control the Republicans voted themselves and their supporters billion of dollars in federal largesse. Most of these idealogs did not run for reelection and returned home disappointed and disillusioned with our governmental system.
This Nation was founded on the premise that only property owners would have the power to vote to tax the citizens. Somewhere along the way the lazy unproductive segment of our society discovered that they could vote themselves benefits forcibly taken from the productive segment. Unscrupulous politicians soon began pandering to the “welfare class”. The rest is history and presently the non tax payers are nearly in the majority. This is only going to get worse until the hardworking productive citizens decide that enough is enough and this madness must stop. I think we are on the verge of that “Revolution” where the government of this country will be returned to the people and its Representatives and the “professional politicians” will be turned out to enjoy the fruits of their graft and corruption. The Scott Brown election to the US Senate from Massachutes to occupy Ted Kennedy’s seat proves that even the people of a far left liberal state of Massachutes have had enough. So this Republican candidate who talks like a Conservative (and I hope that he is sincere) will go to the Senate and give the Republicans the ability to filibuster the most radical proposals of the Democrats. So we are saved Hallalula! Wait- don’t get your hopes up, the Republicans in the recent past had a majority in the Senate and the House and a Republican President and they managed to enact the largest federal budget in history (until Obama) with a massive increase in the National Debt. I believe in the old adage, judge a man by what he does not what he says. Friends, the Republicans and the Democrats stand for just one thing- getting reelected so they can line their own pockets from the public treasury. The Congress is about to increase the national debt by two trillion dollars. Where do the Republicans stand on this massive increase in the national debt ceiling? The people need to tell their elected Representatives that any Senator or Congressman who votes for this increase in the national debt will be recalled or defeated in the next election. The Republicans have repeatly failed in their promise to stand for the Constitution. They have had enough chances. Now is the time for REAL CHANGE.

There is only ONE political system with the determination to return the power of government to the people. That movement is GOOOH. GOOOH is NOT a conservative political system. Instead it stands for the Constitution. The supporters of GOOOH (I proudly consider myself among this number) believe that the US Constitution was divinely inspired. It is the best system of government ever known to man. Somewhere along the way we lost our way as a Nation and allowed unscrupulous men (and women) to seize the reins of government and subvert the Constitution. The answer to all of our problems as a nation is to return to the Constitution and follow it strictly. The Supreme Court has through the years allowed this subversion of the Constitution. The first step to restoration of the Constitution is the replacement of the Party Loyalists in the US House of Representatives with 435 “citizen” legislators. Since the House must originate all spending measures, a GOOOH dominated House of Representatives will refuse to enact an “unbalanced federal budget”. So the federal government will come to a complete standstill (except for essential government services such as the armed forces, air traffic controllers, etc) while the President tries to blackmail and pressure the House into passing a deficit budget . At some point the President will cave and propose a barebones federal budget that stays within the revenue estimates. How do I know that these GOOOH “citizen” legislators have the intestinal fortitude to withstand the enormous pressure that will surely be mounted to force passage of the “Obama” budget? I know because GOOOH Congressmen are serving their country because they are dedicated to Constitutional principles instead of looking to enrich themselves and their supporters. How can I be so sure? Because the GOOOH candidates are selected by their peers instead of by party bosses. Candidates subject themselves to several rounds of concentrated examination by groups of other Patriots also contending for selection. The one candidate selected in each Congressional District has each committed themselves to vote for or against the 100 most important issues of the day such as the Federal Balanced Budget Amendment, 4 year term limits for Representatives and the Fair Tax replacing the Federal Income Tax, etc. These candidates have signed a legally binding contract pledging not to change their vote on these one hundred (100) key issues, not to accept more than $500.00 from any person or group and returning home after two- two year terms (four(4) years total. Once in office these candidates will concentrate on getting government back to its original purpose - serving the people instead of the people serving government. By the way, GOOOH prohibits these “professional” federal career politicians (and their immediate families) from contending for the GOOOH nomination. Lawyers and wealthy persons may contend but they must disclose their profession and/or wealth to the other participants.
If the candidates limit themselves to $500.00 contributions how will they raise the funds needed to finance their campaigns? Every GOOOH participant must contribute $100.00 each to contend for selection. We envision raising $20-50 million dollars from candidates which will fund a national advertising campaign to raise the funds necessary to finance the campaigns of all 435 GOOOH Congressional candidates. This $500.00 contribution limit insures that lobbyists cannot “buy” the votes of our candidates. The “professional” politicians presently serving are being bought in many ways every day by “special interests”. Most special interests fund both candidates in contested elections to be sure of the votes needed for their key issue. These special interests get what they pay for thus all the earmarks so prevalent in most spending measures. Another key issue for GOOOH legislators is the “one issue bill” requirement. Any given measure may not contain provisions unrelated to the central purpose of the bill. Presently there is much horse-trading going on where goodies (earmarks) are included in a bill to insure the favorable vote of that Congressman.
I invite any interested person to access GOOOH.com to learn how you can be a part of returning our federal government to the Constitutional principles that made our country and our Constitution the envy of the World.

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