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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Asheville FairTax Meeting - January 26th

$575 in our local District 11 FT account which is used for supplies and booth rental at events - new supplies to be ordered. Donations needed and welcome!!! Encourage using online Bill Payer thru your bank to make monthly donations. I give $25/mth automatically.

January 22nd - NC State Fairtax leaders met in Asheboro for annual board meeting. 12 in attendance. We are a 501c4 non-profit. There is movement among those running for the NC House who are wanting to run on a state fairtax campaign. Exciting news.

February 20th - I will be speaking at the monthly meeting of 9-12 in Hendersonville

March 5th - Asheville Tea Party Pac is hosting a candidate forum and we will co-sponsor - will need help. Investigating possibility of providing water bottles with a FT label added. Buy water and add our wrap.

March 27-28th - Land of the Sky Gun Show in Fletcher - we are going to reserve a booth and decided not to share w/Eichenbaum camp to avoid explaining that we are not endorsing any candidate. I will advise Dan of this decision.

April 14-16th - Storm the Hill in D.C. - sponsored by FairTax.org and FairTaxNation.com - reserve your room at fairtaxnation.com. Three days of fun and comraderie

April 19th - I will be speaking to a group in Sylva at the Community Service Building

August 28th - National Tea Party in D.C.

Amy Craft was new attendee and offered to contact the Asheville Chamber of Commerce in order to compile list of local groups that meet in Asheville like Kiwanis, Rotary, etc. and also a list of events at which we may want to consider booth rental. Always have need of speakers for groups. I do most but would love to share.

Need others to take on roles such as issuing press releases of our monthly meetings/events and compiling group and event lists in other counties of our district. There is so much more that we can do if we just know about it.

I am seeking those supporters who live in other counties in NC-11 who would be willing to serve as Community Coordinators for the FairTax in District 11. Community Coordinators are considered board members of the 501c4 NCFairtax.org.

Let me know how you want to be involved!

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