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Today I gave my John Linder speech in my speech class. It was OK but I have work to be done on my speaking ability. We were assigned to do a special occasion speech featuring a public figure. Most of my classmates are giving satire type speeches on fictional characters featured in the mass media. I told myself last semester that any presentation assignment I receive will feature the fairtax if I can justify the topic. The class seemed interested in the fairtax topic and asked some good questions. The questions were the best part of the speech I enjoyed answering the questions the best. I think I did an admirable job of answering the questions. I used effective visuals a photo of congressman linder a political comic about taxes and I also handed out an example of IRS abuse and harassment.

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Comment by Bob Martin on February 15, 2009 at 11:01pm
Matt, Glad your speech went well, I am hoping to talk to the College Republicans soon. Hopefully the Dems and Independants will let me come talk to them also. Do you go to the UW or CVT? If you ever need more material I can probably get you some. Keep me posted.
Bob Martin- CV FairTax

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