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Stay away from me unless you pass my litmus test

One of the major problems with idealists is that they either get everything or they nothing. For example, an idealist might refuse to support a candidate or special interest group unless there is a component in their activity that supports cutting a Government budget by 90%. When he does not get everything that he wants, he ignores all political support of potentially useful ideas. The problem with this approach is that much needed idealists become impotent because their idealism never leads to useful actions.

Although I am sort of an idealist, I am also a realist. I understand that the only way to become valuable to improving our sick Country is to use compromise to achieve incremental milestones toward success. Consequently, I want to see a candidate or group that supports 50% State and Federal budget cuts. However, I have actively supported candidates and special interest groups that promoted 10% cuts.

But there is one issue where I will never compromise. That is the issue of the income tax. It is evil to force a person to define income and prove it, especially in the absence of a consistent definition of income. It is the most unfair tax that can possibly exist because it invites complexity and waste in compliance. It also drags down productivity from the most important segment of America; those people who are the source of all the wealth that the nation holds. And it is boring to maintain useless records and produce paperwork at the whim of a government employee, especially on unnatural deadlines that do nothing to help me or America.

In fact, I consider all types of income taxes as evil. They allow the government to justify tyranny. I consider anyone who does not support the elimination of all income taxes as cruel, whether they know it or not. That includes all voters who continue to elect a government that support this horrible tax.

That is why I have a litmus test for all candidates and political action groups that I might support. While I am willing to compromise my ideals on almost any other issue, I will refuse to participate in any political action group that supports income taxes.

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