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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Congressman King told me that this “…thing is a two way street. …there is more political capital in the grass roots than there is in Washington. DC.” After his efforts on the floor of congress, with the aid of the other brave co-sponsors, no one should complain that our co-sponsoring congressmen have not stepped up to the plate. They have offered FairTax as an alternative to the present course our government is forcing on us. FairTax is the single most effective means of correcting this failing course. We have in our hands a way to save our nation for the sake of future generations of Americans. If capitalism is to win over socialism, FairTax must defeat the income tax code including the flat tax and the vat tax. It is up to us as grassroots activists to move this thing forward. I suggest we become organized to build FairTax Nation to be a loud voice that tells Washington DC that we have a plan for prosperity and it is time they listen to us. Here is my plan: Every state will must find and a FairTax Nation State Administrator (SA). The SA will be responsible for building a series of events to promote FairTax.org and FairTaxNation.com. The goal is to have at least one event in every state every weekend. Develop a professional looking booth that promotes FairTax Nation. Each state needs a complete set of booth signage. We are working on the design now. The goal of the booths is to do two things: First, bring people into knowledge of the FairTax act. Second, sign up and encourage them to get involved. On the FairTax Nation site, I am encouraged to see the efforts to organize a group of people who will defend FairTax vigorously in comments in the comment sections of blogs and articles in cyberspace. Our Congressmen have stepped up and now it is your turn. Jim Tomasik

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Comment by Jim Tomasik on April 9, 2009 at 6:52pm
send a message to 'pilgirm proost'. Do a search for him under the members tab.
Comment by Keith Reynolds on April 9, 2009 at 5:04pm
on this note
"On the FairTax Nation site, I am encouraged to see the efforts to organize a group of people who will defend FairTax vigorously in comments in the comment sections of blogs and articles in cyberspace."
is there a place on this site that that has links people can follow to defend the fairtax.
Comment by Sean Fagan on March 19, 2009 at 11:30am
In addition to the excellant ideas put forward by Jim and others - I'd like to submit a couple of my own:

Along with the State Administrator I would suggest each state has a Public Relations Director. The sole function of the PRD would be to get the message out to the mass media (print, radio and television) as much as possible. As far as the television aspect goes - forget national media for now and focus on local news channels to get them to cover local events.

As much as possible, a laptop loaded up with various videos about the Fair Tax should be taken to the booth(s) and set up to loop through the videos continuously. I think this will lend an additional sense of "professionalism" to the display.

I have spent some time viewing a lot of the various discussions posted by members - and the one thing that comes to my mind most often is that there are a lot of other "independent" Fair Tax groups out there. And I agree with the members when they say there is an "army" out there - I think this army needs a general. Somehow, we need to find a way to bring these various groups under our roof.

While being a long time member of AFFT, I have only known of FTN for about a month. Yet, I have learned so much more from this site than I ever did from AFFT. My group meets this weekend and I will encourage all our members to also join FTN.
Comment by Fla Vol on March 18, 2009 at 11:07pm
Jim, congratulations, this is truly the effort we need to do. It is very easy to comment to each other but we are using time preaching to the choir. We need more members and we need to be actively seeking them every day. Your proposal is one that is connected to that goal. Selling a program such as the Fair Tax takes personal contact and having booths set up in many locations is the way to engage the public and educate them to the benefits of the Fair Tax. We need to support your idea.

Speaking of education, I was disappointed that the "Special Order" program talked about the current taxes of businesses being included in prices but no one explained how it works to reduce the total taxes we pay. This leaves the door open to the opposition to claim we will be increaseing the price of products by 30%.
We need to show folks that if we purchase a product or order services costing $100 there will be $22.00 included on average to pay the taxes of the businesses involved in bringing us the product or service. With the Fair Tax that $22.00 disappears and about $23.00 is added back in so the price of the product might go up by $1.00. To offset this we do not pay any other income taxes and none are deducted from our pay checks (or SSI or medicare)and we also receive the prebate. Adding it up we all get a nice raise and this has to be explained to people.
Thanks for allowing me to "Preach to the Choir" and thanks for developing your great program.
Comment by Dave Sibole on March 18, 2009 at 9:50pm
Shannon suggested a booth in front of tax prep sites. A lot of H&R Block offices have lines outside from now til tax day. Even if you don't set up a booth just standing there handing out information could be useful. (Many of these people however will have to be educated. They think they are getting something back from the government. Dah, not realizing they have just let Uncle Sam have their money interest free for a year.)

Comment by David Nelson on March 18, 2009 at 9:05pm
I hope that strategy works, Pat.
I fear too many FairTaxers are partisan first, but I hope I'm wrong. After hundreds of FairTaxers in the Tampa bay area told me they'd support a Democrat who came out in favor of the FairTax, a candidate I'd been working on for two years finally agreed to pledge to cosponser it if elected. She got 23 checks from FairTaxers totally less than $250.
Comment by Pat Conroy on March 18, 2009 at 5:51pm
One of the most important things to accomplish would be to once and for all get bipartisan support. One way to do this would be to identify and support candidates who will actively support the FairTax and run against incumbents who are opposed to the FairTax. This would be especially helpful if there were a Democrat supporter who would run against a Republican opposer. It would be similar to what the AFL-CIO is doing in PA to try to get Senator Specter to vote for card check. They will have their members vote for Specter against a Democrat candidate.

According to the Congressional Scorecard on FairTax.org, these are the Republican congressmen who actively oppose the FairTax:

Wally Herger, CA-2
Michael Castle, DE-At Large
Tom Latham, IA-4
Mark Souder, IN-3
Roy Blount, MO-7
Walter Jones, NC-3
Cris Smith, NJ-4
Steven LaTourette, OH-14
Lamar Smith, TX-21

It's a little early for the 2010 elections, but if anyone knows what Democrat may be planning to run against any of these congressmen, maybe we could convince one or two of them to embrace the FairTax. I am certain that would convince a lot of normally Republican voters to switch. If we could defeat just one Republican incumbent, it might convince more Republicans congressmen to be supportive and it might convince some Democrats that they shouldn't automatically oppose the FairTax.
Comment by Pilgrim Proost on March 18, 2009 at 3:16pm
Jim, I'm coming to realize that there is a lot more support for the Fair Tax than we realize. First, there is the core crowd of Fair Tax supporters - you, me, and everyone on this site - who actively push for the Fair Tax. The majority of people however, simply do not oppose the Fair Tax, and "getting rid of the I.R.S." and simplifying the process of paying taxes really sounds good to them. The vehement opposition to the Fair Tax is well in the minority, but they are very vocal. I keep seeing the same individuals posting to many different sites across the net - they often use the same user names. The opposition may be loud, but they are in the minority.

I would also like to emphasize that the average Democrat voter often will support the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax does not have to be a partisan issue, and I've encountered many Democrats who really like the idea. It is the Democrat politicians who hate it, and we all know why that is.

Active support for the Fair Tax is enormous, but it is the latent support that is brewing under the surface that we must prepare for. Many of those people who currently don't oppose the Fair Tax are going to become active supporters as the 2010 elections near. By this time next year, I'll wager that the Fair Tax is going to be one of the prominent campaign themes. Many people who simply don't oppose the Fair Tax are going to be seeking information and becoming active supporters.

It is our job to create the infrastructure and organization to accommodate them. We need to provide the information and resources that will help them get their voice through the megaphone so that candidates running for office will hear them loud and clear.
Comment by shannon castleman on March 18, 2009 at 3:01pm
What about booths in front of local IRS centers? The people having to go there for a tax issue will be what they call a "warm market"
Comment by shannon castleman on March 18, 2009 at 3:01pm
Anyone need a booth volunteer in the northeast Atlanta/Athens area, I'll do it. How about a booth as close as we can get to all Tax Prep sites? I live off I-85 between the north east Atl suburbs and Athens, Ga. (The University of Georgia. Man, if Steve King would run as Pres.

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