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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Representative Gresham J Barrett (SC-3) became the 55th Cosponsor for The Fair Tax Act on June 8, 2009. Welcome Rep. Barrett and thank you! COSPONSORS(55), ALPHABETICAL [followed by Cosponsors withdrawn]:

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Thanks for the heads up!

I've updated the count.
Woohoo!! Another elected leader that gets it! This is wonderfully exciting! Every new cosponsor and member of FairTaxNation inspires and encourages me, so welcome to FTN all of you recent joiners! Together we will make a phenomenally positive impact for each and every American citizen and foster economic growth in our beloved country.
Thank you e-mail sent :)

We need more Senators though!! A lot more!!
What does this mean: "Cosponsors withdrawn?"
WOOOO HOOOO On our 55th! Definately educating many, many, many people will give our momentum speed!

Cosponsors can withdraw their support of a bill. That hasn't happened with The Fair Tax in this session to my knowledge.
Great! But I see the main page shows 56
Fifty six includes 55 cosponsors plus the sponsor John Linder.
> We are closing in on our record. But notice that Rep. Ron Paul's bill to get a audit of the FED has 222 co-sponsors. Now is the time to reach out to all those supporting his bill, as anger with the FED is the other side of our coin.
I see Jim Inhofe [R - OK] isn't co-sponsoring in the senate yet!!

I'll call him on Monday!!!


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