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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

That would be www.GOOOH.com

I was talking to a gentleman associated with that site named Tim Cox a little while ago. He tells me that something like 80% of the people participating in his endevour are supporters of the FairTax.

I would be interested in hearing some opinions from our members. BTW, he is also a member of FTN.

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What will pay for the campaigning and commercials, signs and all of that?

Who will produce the commercials (if any are allowed) and who will control the content?
There is a sign up fee of $100 to every person that truly is interested in the process. This fee is not mandatory until the actual vetting process begins. These funds are then utilized to begin the marketing campaigns for the program candidates.

There will be advertisements that essentially say "Are you ready to take back our government" or something similar then it will explain the system and then direct the voters to the website showing who their candidates are and they can learn what they stand for.

I believe there would be small campaign marketing funds that would be needed for the local advertising. For example, yard signs, stickers or T-shirts. But we wouldn't have to worry about them getting bought by special interest groups.

The most important question that I seen was whether they would agree to only run for a maximum of 2 terms. That would be 4 years as a Representative.

If they chose to re-run they would face the challenge of the entire Congress. This is important for two reasons. One, they could not become a "career politician". The second, is that it only takes a 2/3 vote from the Congress to vote you out of office. That way if all the members believe in the process then they could vote to remove from office for going against the will of the people.

I believe it to be a program that is a definite possibility.
you seem to assume that all incumbants will be turned out. This seems impossible because some district majorities are in love with the person currently holding that position.
Yes, You are correct on that point.

It is not a perfect plan. However, it seems better than the 2 party system of nominating candidates that we have today. It would also allow us to possibly start seeing more than the lesser of two evils.

At least it would allow us to make a statement to the "insiders" that we are through being their patsies.

That's true, Jim. If everyone is in love with their incumbent, then it won't work obviously. But then, that sort of misses the point of GOOOH. GOOOH is about being independent and not associating yourself with party views, with disassociating yourself from finances from corporations and special interests. You may think that the person you currently have as your representative is a wonderful person, but ultimately, these career politicians vote according to party lines on party-crafted bills with political agendas. If we want real change, then it isn't going to be by doing the same thing we have always done. It was Albert Einstein who once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We know what happens when we elect Republicans and Democrats. They seek to distinguish themselves from each other by dividing the country along lines that should not be there. People need to see this as a fight, not between Republicans and Democrats, but between American citizens and career politicians. We seek not vain and aspiring career politicians, but representatives of the people as our founding fathers envisioned to go to Washington and represent the affairs of their congressional district, and then go back to their labors and their families. Make no mistake about it, this is a revolution, albeit a peaceful one. We need to replace the current crop of career politicians because they simply do not represent the interests of the people. Career politicians breed corruption. This system seeks to eliminate corruption by keeping the House of Representatives in tune with the current views of the people they represent.
You are preaching to the choir here! ;o)
Goooh will raise the 50 million thru $100 contributions from at least 500,000 supporters. This will pay for the production and marketing necessary which will also be handled by Goooh. Those who are candidates just need to be available to those who have questions.
If you will study the website thoughly, you will find the answers to those questions. Funding of the candidates will be provided by the Goooh system, thereby illiminating the need for funding by Special Interests
Not this time. It is our politicians who have divided us into two parties and polarized us as a nation. We the people are the only ones who can change this. Maybe it's now or never. I don't think we were awake when Perot made his bid and the media helped in betraying him as a nut But 1.8 million people in DC tells me that we are awake now. The media will not be able to portray 435 regular Americans seeking to do their patriotic duty as nuts.
While I've not been to the website or looked into it, it wa a big deal at our monthly FT meeting last weekend.

It certainly is something we need to look into simply because 80% of their numbers are supporters of our goal.
The marketing is fantastic and I think we can 'profit' from that while individually supporting the movement
The current stats show that in the House of Representatives, about 80% of the time, the incumbent will win re-election. Thus is the problem we must fight. I do believe that the base concept of GOOOH is a great one. But we as Fair Tax supporters must remain non-partisan and not support any party or resemblence there of. I agree that if there is a prefered candidate who we think WILL help get HR25 passed, we need to know which one it is.
I agree, that our Founding Fathers did not want what we have now and I do not just mean the career politicians but the WHOLE MESS! I also know that they would not approve of the current tax code and would LOVE the FAIR TAX!
My congressman is a follower just like many who are carefully guided by their particular party policies. He was elected in 1985 and is now 78 yrs old. He is somewhat concerned over being re-elected though he is loved by so many in our district. It will be hard to get him out but I would like to try.

I believe that if you ever see a Rep who vote less than 90% with his party, then you may have a good Rep! I fail to see any who will vote away from their party on any issue on a regular enough basis. What happened to the middle? They do not want to go there do they?

One note...Americans will do their civic duty by "serving on a jury" without becoming a career juror. So why can't that be so with the Representatives? We want representation! We do not want them to be representing special interest groups or passing bills that they know their contituents are against. If they are there too long, they lose touch with where they came from and who they are really there to serve!
I AMEN that and get off my soap box now!
It is true that the FairTax organization as a whole should remain non-partisan and not support a certain party. The FairTax supporters on the other hand should stand up for who and what they believe in.
The Founding Fathers would be upset over the WHOLE MESS. I don't believe that they would love the FairTax program. They had a pretty good system in place for collecting taxes. I personally would rather see the 16th amendment get repealed.
That being said, the federal government has been allowed to spend money un-controlled for many, many years now and to repeal the 16th amendment without having money coming in would wreak havoc not only in the US but throughout the world.
The only way that I see to alleviate the situation is to implement the FairTax. At the same time have as many people as we can get involved with GOOOH and start voting for Independents and 3rd party candidates.


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