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Kate Burch and I wrote a letter to Mike Turner, conressman for the district in which we live, which is, in part, about the Fair Tax. I thought we should post it in case anyone else might like to use it, in part in letters to their representative. Any way here it is.

Michael R Turner
U. S. House of Representatives
1740 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Mike:

We received your letter of March 2009 about your seeking another term in 2010. As you know we have been supporters for a few years, and though we are limited in how much we can give, have contributed what we could.

Now, however, we do not have normal times. Our wonderful Country is headed on the wrong path so that we, and many we know, feel matters cannot continue as before. The Democrat new leadership is headed in a direction we do not want. We feel they won because we Republicans lost our way. The Republicans became, sadly, just one more party of big federal government.

We see that you voted for the farm bill. You also voted to extend the time in which a party could sue for alleged equal pay violations. Your district is also a huge recipient of earmarks. Both of us have met with your representative to seek your support of the FairTax. We were against these votes, and are strong supporters of the FairTax..

We are aware that you voted for many positions we support such as your vote on the stimulus bill. We appreciate these efforts and under normal conditions would have sent a check and wished you luck next year. These are not normal times. We seek someone to represent us who will work to cut the Federal Government in half. Ideally, we should like to see the end of the Labor Department, Health And Human Services, the Energy Department, and the Education Department. We should like to see the FairTax. We seek an end to earmarks. We want the courts to require a plaintiff to pay all court and attorney costs if he loses his case. We want to see the Federal Government completely out of all local school support and control.

We want Sarbanes-Oxley repealed. We wish to see the FDA restricted to an advisory role only. We want private financial bailouts restricted severely. We could go on and on. We know we can never achieve all these goals, at least in our lifetimes, but we want someone that seeks these aims to represent us in Washington. It does not seem to us that you are prepared to do these things so we plan to withhold support from your campaign until the situation that turns up in the primaries next spring becomes clearer.

As always, we respectfully wish you the best. Needless to say, we should like to hear more from you about these matters. We should appreciate specifics as much as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Rodger Gamblin
Kate Burch

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Kate & Rodger
Your letter says a lot and presented very well... Think he will get any part of the message?
With your permission, I would like to contact him and say I agree with your thoughts on the issues and take the same stance as you, also indicate there a lot of us of the same opinion and we have long memories as to his decision making! We are, after all, like minded on these matters. Thanks for sharing with us.
Great letter. I just looked up the other day how much Mike had ask for and received in earmarks. It is on the net. I am going to contact him through his website and reaffirm many of the same points you have just made and let him know I am starting network groups intent on defeating earmark grabbing non Fair Tax supporting incumbents. Tell him enough is enough.
Kate and Roger
Great letter. We need a new paradigm in Washington. Representatives of the people who are actually willing to cut programs. People willing to judge programs on their results, not on the supposed good intentions of their sponsors.
Assuredly clever letter. But why do you think that you could not, in your lifetimes, see most of these wishes? It might not be impossible if only most of us start to see Reality in new ways. See the letter-informations I am sending to most of our Representatives.
Great letter, well written and to the point!!

Now if only the majority of people in districts across America did the very same thing.
But...well....you know.....the game is on!!
Wow! It's to bad you don't challenge him for his seat!


Great letter!
I agree with Jim.
Why don't you just run in his place? I wonder if you could pull the endorsement from him?
We definitely could use someone besides Turner.
> You should contact GOOOH, and ask for information on getting support for a campaign. You have already established a platform. If you run I for one will support you.


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