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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Deloitte and Touche yesterday revealed that almost half of the filers in the U.S. paid no income tax.  That's distorting the truth at best when you consider payroll taxes (Social Security and Medicare) and taxes embedded in the products and services we buy.  You may agree that this offers evidence why many politicians are reluctant to co-sponsor H.R. 25 which would enable the FairTax.   Your thoughts?   

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I paid no Income Tax because I had no income! Received no EITC either but know what you mean. There are hidden taxes in all we buy. What I like most about the Fair Tax is in buying used items such as autos, clothes, etc.
I thought I was the only one on FairTax that paid NO INCOME Tax in 2009 and my accountant says I will get back more than I paid in.
I pay in and let the government use my money interest free all year...I always pay too much!

One thing I really dislike about our current taxcode is that people do get more from the federal government than they pay in (no offense to anyone here). Who is paying the money out to these folks? Not the government. They have no money. Other taxpayers do, that's who! I know many people who "get back" thousands more than they pay in. on what level is that right? I don't blame people for taking advantage of the tax laws.........but the tax laws need to be completly reformed!!! I have a fairly low effective federal tax rate, but I know this nation's tax code is horribly messed up. I hope we can get more folks on board for the FairTax so we can right the economic ship of America.


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